A London based artist, Lucy’s work draws on her experience of growing up on a Dartmoor sheep farm.  Experimenting with technique she uses wool from different breeds of sheep as well as silk sometimes for highlights.
Lucy is fascinated by the unusual properties that wool offers. Its texture and vibrancy along with the ability to create an added sense of depth to the picture makes it a unique medium to use.  Many people mistakenly think that her paintings are created with oil or pastels until they take a closer look.   Lucy loves that people can view her picture and be jolted from one reality to another, that things are not always what they seem.
Shortlisted last year for the highly regarded National Open Art competition Lucy’s work is held in collections both in the UK and overseas.



John mainly uses hardwoods grown in the North West of England. Most of the wood that is used is sourced from local tree surgeons who let him know when they have a tree which they think is suitable for John's style of wood turning. John tries to retain the tree’s spirit and character in the pieces using the defects and natural shapes to their best advantage.

With most wood, John visualises the shape and as the piece develops, he takes careful note of the features and works the final shape according to the grain and natural edges as they emerge. He uses custom-built tools for roughing out the shape and hollowing the piece. 


Gillian Arnold is a home wares, gifts and jewellery producer with a passion for blending botanical design and artisan production skills. Gillian Arnold uses British wild plants to make all of her designs, celebrating the best of British nature.

The designs are created by Gillian’s inexhaustible experimentation with sustainably gathered English wild plants and rich colour drenched collages, which are transferred to an ever growing range of handcrafted luxury products.  



Charlotte is primarily a decorative artist, who makes vibrant and unusual textile works, which appear to be two dimensional, but have textural and sculptural qualities.

Her subject matter is mostly fruit and flowers, either in the more traditional still life form, or as textile images, breaking up and putting together sections of pattern.



Susan's fascination and passion for making and designing jewellery started 30 years ago whilst travelling in India. She studied in Bali village of Celuk with a native family who had a long tradition of working with silver and gold, learning techniques in their workshop. Sue's frequent trips to South Asia and South East Asia have continued to influence her work and over the years she have worked in almost every medium, her latest discovery being Dichroic Glass.

Neil tregear - stoneware pottery 

Situated on the rugged south coast of the Isle of Wight, Neil produces a beautiful range of hand thrown stoneware pottery. 
Each piece is hand thrown from a fine white stoneware clay. The work is decorated in a variety of designs - all drawing their inspiration and influences from the exceptional beauty of the surrounding landscapes.


Pamella East - Ripped up art

Ripped up Art has been sold at Origin Gallery in the historic Greenwich market since 2010. It is established as a popular brand by providing both locals and tourists with unique British artisan products. 

Our quirky greeting cards are made from 100% recycled paper and seeds. After the card has been gifted the whole card can be planted in a garden or a pot. With just a bit of water and light and love grow into beautiful wildflowers. These cards have a surprise second life!