handpicked Unique British Artisans 


surface design

by Gillian Arnold

textile art

by Charlotte Clowes


by John Shorrock


by Pamella East

100% local and handcrafted

We aim to bring you handcrafted and handmade works of art that are 100% British designed and made. While we might not always meet that objective we always support local artists and crafts people.
— Pamella East, Founder

Enabling artisan shopping in historic greenwich

Born in the heart of Greenwich, London, Origin Gallery is a home of British handcrafted products.
Our aim is to celebrate the art and craft of our local artisans and so you won’t find here products that are mass produced. Our focus is to explore and sell a wide range of art and crafts forms, from handmade pictures constructed from felted wool, beautiful ceramics, to unique handmade jewellery.
— Pamella East, Founder