Pink Burst Aluminium Cuff Bracelet by Gillian Arnold


Pink Burst Aluminium Cuff Bracelet by Gillian Arnold


Aluminium cuff bracelet printed with Gillian Arnold's design. 

The strength of the dark shadowy branches make a complimentary contrast with the silvery background. The colourful buds soften the stark branches to balance this abstract design. The dark pink adds a fiery presence to the branches.

  • The bracelet has a sturdy feel but is still lightweight, and easy enough to bend and reshape to a perfect fit for your wrist.

  • The designs are permanent, waterproof, and scratch resistant.

  • As each cuff is hand-formed, they are all a unique shape. The aluminium band measures 16cm x 4cm before hammering, and is 7cm diameter once finished.

  • Each cuff comes with a stylish black, Gillian Arnold branded gift box.

Gillian Arnold Cuff Bracelets make for fabulous gifts to treat yourself or someone you love. The botanical designs are emblazoned on shaped anticlastic metal bands with a bold colour on one side and a complimentary botanical design on the other.

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